Airport Service

Car Handover at Airport PMI – Personal Handover by Our Staff

We will be waiting for you at our service stand in the hall on the 4th level of the airport parking deck, Facturacion exit.

The parking deck is located opposite the arrivals hall of the airport. Leave the arrivals hall at the meeting point and find the taxi stands to the right and the coach stop on the left.

In front of you is the entrance to the parking deck.

Take the lift to the 4th level of the parking deck, leave the stairwell by the “Facturacion” exit and then enter the car rentals hall. Please look for our AutosColonia service stand.

At the stand you will get brief instructions by our staff member who will take you the 3rd level of the parking deck to handover the car.

Car Handover at Airport PMI – Contactless on the 3rd Level of the Airport’s Parking Deck

We will leave the car on the 3rd level of the airport’s parking deck, area AB, for the customer to pick up. The car registration number and the parking space number will be sent to the customer’s mobile number by SMS or WhatsApp.

A day before arrival, we will provide information about the procedure by e-mail and request confirmation.
Please note: the rental cars provided at the airport must be paid in advance by transfer or by providing a credit card number and expiry date. Payment transactions at the airport are not possible.

Our Contact Details / Procedure in Case of Accident or Breakdown:

  • 24h hotline: 0034 619742700 (mobile) by SMS or WhatsApp
  • E-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • In case of accident, breakdown or urgent problems, please try to call 5 times, then send a WhatsApp message or SMS and state the car’s registration number, location and a brief summary of the problem.
  • Accident including personal injury and/or major vehicle damage: call 112 (German, Spanish, English)
  • Accident including minor vehicle damage, collisions with other vehicles: fill in accident report (can be found along with the vehicle documents in the glove compartment). As a backup, please take photos of the damage to both vehicles (number plates must be visible), the vehicle licence, personal ID and the driving licence of the other party to the accident and note their telephone number.

Vehicle Return at Airport PMI

The vehicle is to be returned on departure day at the agreed return time to the 3rd level of the airport parking deck, area AB, with the key and ticket in the boot. If the 3rd level is full, please drive to one of the higher levels and send the parking space number and vehicle registration number by WhatsApp or SMS to 0034 619742700. Please adhere to the agreed return time.

You can access the departure hall through the passage on the 4th level of the parking deck at the “Facturacion” exit.

Refuelling the Vehicle

When you book the vehicle, a fuel level of 20€ or 40€ can be booked in addition. If this has not been booked, the vehicle will be handed over with at least 5l of fuel. The customer is thus advised to purchase fuel at the airport petrol station before leaving the airport.

Airport petrol station:

leave parking deck, pass under the bridge

  • stay in the far-right lane
  • turn right at the sign “Gasolinera” (petrol station)

Normal petrol: green, 95 or 98 octane

Diesel: black, either Diesel normal or Diesel e+
For diesel vehicles, this is noted on the vehicle key.