Autos Colonia S.L.


Getting your car at PMI Airport

Please meet us at our service stall in the hall, 4th floor car park airport, exit: Facturaciòn.

The car park is right across the airport’s arrivals hall. Leave the arrivals hall at the meeting point - on the right, you’ll see the taxi stands, on the left is the tour coach station.

The car park’s entrance is in front of you. Take the elevator to the car park’s 4th floor and take the exit “Facturaciòn” to leave the staircase. You are in the rental car company hall now. Please find our service stall marked as “AutosColonia“.

At the stall we’ll sign the contract; you’ll pay by credit card (if you haven’t already done so by bank transfer) and let our staff take you to your car i How to contact us:

  • Office 0034 971 656296 (during our business hours)
  • 24h-hotline: 0034 619742700 (outside our business hours) SMS or Whats App
  • Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Returning your car at PMI Airport

On the day of your departure, please park your car at the time specified in your rental agreement in the 3rd floor of the car park at A/B. To get to the car park, take the motorway, leave the roundabout in direction of LLegada/Arrival, and follow the blue-colored parking symbols (white letter P on blue base). If the 3rd floor is full or not accessible, please park in the 4th, 5th, or 6th floor and inform us about the floor you parked on by contacting us through one of the options provided. Please also inform us if the time you return the car at deviates by more than 30 minutes from the time specified in your rental agreement.

Please close all the car’s doors including its trunk and lock the car by using the key’s remote function. Then open only the trunk with the remote control, place the key and the parking ticket in the trunk, and close the trunk manually. The car is thus centrally locked. Please make sure you have removed all your personal belongings (wallet, mobile phone, flight documents, and laptops) from the car. To get to the departure hall, please use the passageway in the 4th floor of the car park, exit “Facturaciòn”.

Fuelling the car

When you book the car, you may optionally book fuel for EUR 20 or EUR 40. If no extra fuel has been booked, the car’s tank will contain at least 5 litres of fuel. We thus recommend stopping by at the airport’s filling station before you leave the airport.

Filling station at the airport:

  • Get out of the car park and pass through underneath the bridge
  • Take the lane on the far right
  • Turn right when you reach the signpost “Gasolinera” (filling station)

Regular gas: green label 95 or 98 octane

Diesel: black label: Diesel normal or Diesel e+

Diesel-driven cars are marked as such on their key.